Most websites suck - mine don't.

I'm not formally trained in graphic design.  I don't even know how to program or code.  Yet I have taught myself to create gorgeous websites and logos and now offer them to discerning clients.  I'm not going to sell you on BS adwords or marketing ploys because they're all crap.  And I don't believe companies who "promise" top search results. I do however, know the ins and outs of starting a business or scaling one up and my sites will absolutely help you getthere.  All of my clients appear in the top 3 searchs for their names.  I'd like to keep that streak going.  See some of my work below: 

Wedding SiTES

Yes,  this was created for my own wedding - but it's the best wedding site I've seen among all the freebies out there (like Knot etc).


Rachel Duchesne or Rachel Duchesne Interiors approaced me about createing a site for her growing interior design business in RI.  She had a lot of great input and design choices (obviously).


Dillon Knight's woodworking is sick so it's only natural that his website should match his quality.  His work is some of the best in Rhode Island.